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XR6 Turbo Developments

XR6 Turbo Developments - Wastegate Kits


What is a wastegate? A wastegate is used to control boost pressure in turbocharged engines. The wastegate is a valve that bypasses exhaust gas around the turbine wheel of the turbocharger. It is the flow of exhaust gas that causes the turbo to spin which produces boost pressure. Falcon XR6 Turbos are equipped with internal wastegates that are too small to provide good boost control once you improve the intake, intercooler, exhaust and screw the boost up.

We only use 45mm Turbosmart wastegates which offer superior flow path and high temperature resistance. The market leaders in their sectors, outperforming and outlasting the competition. Used on thousands of race cars around the world

Not to mention how awsome these sound!

PLEASE NOTE:These are on a we do yours basis. This means that you must send us your rear housing for us to perform the modifications.

Benifits of fitting our external gate kits.
Improved power
Increased torque
Faster spool
Less chance of boost creep
Improved boost control
Less exhaust restriction
Reduced backpressure in turbine
Bypassed flow vented to atmosphere

Factory appearance
High flow rate

Kits contain:
Genuine Turbosmart 45mm Hypergate - Optional
Stainless Steel screamer pipe
Titanium heap wrap
Braided line to boost controller

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