XR6 Turbo Developments

XR6 Turbo Developments - Catch Can

SKU: xtd-stg21c


For turbocharged cars the installation of a catch can is incredibly important. The catch can works to prevent blow by of oil by preventing the build up of pressure in the crankcase. It also avoids situations whereby the inside of intercooler hoses can be covered in oil residue causing them to slide off under boost, or coating the fins inside an intercooler which drastically decreases its efficiency and ultimately end up cooking the inside of your turbo.

In addition, you don't want any blow by on your pistons either. Our catch can works by having lines of high quality hose that can withstand heat and enormous pressure created by the engine, running from the rocker cover into the inlets on the catch can. Furthermore, the high quality Aeroflow cleanable filter on top of the can allows the can and your crankcase to breathe for healthy engine operation.

Direct fit catch cans (driver side rear of the engine bay) to suit all BA BF FG falcons and Turbo territories. Made from laser cut aluminum, tig welded and powder coated ripple black with Aeroflow filters. Internally channeled to separate oil and crankcase gasses.

Simply bolts under the expansion tank mount and plumb up hoses to rocker cover.

XTDCC1 Kit Contains:
1 X Catch Can With 3/8th Push On Fittings
1 X Length Of Hose
4 X Hose Clamps

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