Tuff Mounts

Tuff Mounts Engine Mounts for Holden V8 in VN-VS Commodore V6 K-frame

SKU: TM022


Models: VB, VC, VH, VK, VL, VN, VP,VR, VS
Engine: 308, 304, 253

TUFF MOUNTS are a direct bolt-up fitment.
OEM replacement, standard height, and location.
No Adaptors required.

The Highest Quality Steel and Polyurethane Bushes provide the ultimate transfer of your engine's power to the chassis.
TUFF MOUNTS are DIY or get your mechanic to fit.

Do you have a V6 K Frame? there is plenty around. But it's hard to get the V8 Frame!

So we have developed a set of Mounts to fit the V6 K Frame in your Commodore

*Please Note
These are Designed for the VN-VS V6 K Frame.
Commodore K Frames are interchangeable from VB-VS some other changes will be required along the way.


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