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Tuff Mounts

Tuff Mounts - Engine Mounts for Barra Conversion EA-ED Falcons

SKU: TM204


Engine: BARRA 4.0 (INC TURBO)

The ever popular Barra engine is making its way into the Performance world in a big way & Tuff Mounts are here to help

Want a Barra in your Falcon ? With the New Barra swap engine mounts by  Tuff Mounts to suit the EA – ED Falcons thats easy.

These mounts will also suit the 3.9L & 4.0L Single Cam engines into earlier model Falcons EA-ED

TUFF MOUNTS are a direct bolt up fitment.
OEM replacement, standard height and location.
No Adaptors required.

The Highest Quality Steel and Polyurethane Bushes provide the ultimate transfer of your engines power to the chassis.
TUFF MOUNTS are DIY or get your mechanic to fit.


Proudly made in South Australia using Australian products.

*Please Note
Barra Swap into your EA – ED Falcons
*Sway Bar required with the BA onwards engine with the Cast sump, XG Sway bar will suit with the Factory Steel sump on PRE-BA engines
*Check out our Suspension Page for Correct Sway Bars for these mounts
*6 Cylinder Cross member brackets are required for installation

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