Street Divison

Street Divison - BARRA 92.75MM/+0.020" PISTONS



No longer does low cost mean low quality


  • 92.5mm/+0.010"
  • Compression Ratio: 9:1
  • Gas Nitride rings
  • 22mm pin
  • Machined for oversized valves
  • Offset pins

Street Division partners with CP Carrillo to comprise its whole piston range. The Bullet series pistons are CP’s answer to the ever changing and tough economic times, creating a high quality piston at entry level prices. This is achieved because CP’s Bullet range of pistons are produced in centralised manufacturing cells that all have unique tooling and fixturing to suit the Bullet forgings. As such, these pistons can be mass produced in large quantities at a time, making them more affordable for entry level performance and motorsports applications.

The major features of CP's Bullet pistons are:

  • Pistons manufactured from 2618 alloy for strength and durability
  • Balanced to + or – 1 gram
  • Dual forced pin oilers
  • Contact reduction grooves
  • Accumulator Grooves
  • High grade Gas Nitride rings
  • Forged side relief
  • Chromoly wrist pins with wire locks
  • FEA designed forging
  • Tight tolerances
  • USA made

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