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Reid Racing

Reid Racing - Aluminium Bellhousing Suit S/B & B/B Chev With 2-piece Superglide & Super Hydra 400 Transmission


Chevrolet bellhousing for the Reid Racing 2-piece Superglide and Super Hydra 400® case fits all 90 degree V8's and the 4.3 liter V6. Cast from high-strength aluminum and heat treated for additional toughness, the bellhousing passes the stringent SFI 30.1 certification* and is approved with no external shields required. The bell features an open bottom for easy converter access, a reduced diameter for better floorboard clearance, and a contoured mounting flange to properly match the rear of the engine block. Fits up to 11-inch (280mm) torque converters; call for details regarding larger converters.

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