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Platinum Racing Products - RB Billet Oil Pump Spline Drive Upgrade Kit


Include Oil Pump Alignment tool:
Include Oil Pump Refit Kit (Gasket and Crank Seal):

This is a spline drive upgrade kit suitable ONLY for the billet RB oil pump only. For OEM spline pump gears click here 

If you already own a flat drive PRP Billet oil pump and want to upgrade it to a spline drive in your next rebuild or now you don’t need to purchase a whole new pump, you can just upgrade the gear set and throw a new collar on the crank. See installation guide here

Spline drive is recommended as the superior choice any time you have a crank out of engine situation. 

These sets are precision close tolerance machined from quality EN36 Billet and highly polished and are recommended for hardcore rev limiter bouncing, burnouts, and 2 step type launch control type situations, they will not fail you. 

Unique new quad master spline design differentiates us from the rest of the kits on the market, as per all PRP hardware, a lifetime warranty applies.

The key with spline drive applications is the alignment, so make sure you grab yourself an alignment tool if you don’t already have one in your tool box.

The base kit includes:

  • Spline drive gears & Collar (suit PRP billet pump only)

Additional Add-On's:

  • Oil Pump Alignment Tool 
  • Oil Pump Refit Kit - Includes Oil Pump Gasket & Front Crankshaft Seal

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