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With over a decade of racing experience using the Nissan RB engine platform PRP team has developed a bolt in solution that remedies the weakest link in the RB engine being the oil pump and particularly the oil pump gears in both the stock and the N1 oil pump.

With this in mind, PRP has produced a cost-effective way to fix this issue allowing you to keep your engine running longer while pushing it hard. Manufactured from EN26 Billet Steel, All gears are surface ground to perfection then isotropic polished to a near mirror finish.These new gears are significantly stronger than the OEM gears as well as all other aftermarket gear and fit directly into your oil pump housing without modification. There are 2 different options available depending on which oil pump you are using, as well as 2 drive options, OEM Flat Drive and PRP's optional quad key spline drive system which offers the ultimate in high grade precision tolerance machining, we highly recommend the alignment tool as set up is essential. 

Please note the crankshaft snout needs to be machined with the new collar fitted for spline drive applications, if the original drive is damaged or worn on your crankshaft we recommend you upgrade to spline drive as it simply will not wear, please make sure you select the correct gears to suit your pump. If you are unsure which gears you require please contact us for more information.

RB25 is 81mm
RB25 Neo is 77mm
RB26 is 81mm
RB26 N1 is 77mm

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