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Compatible with the factory cross over or add our 3.5in crossover

Unleash the Beast with the All-New Process West Next Gen Ranger Raptor Air Intake System!

Revolutionize your driving experience with the power-packed upgrade your Ford Raptor deserves! Introducing the Process West Air Intake System – the ultimate enhancement for your beast on wheels.

Breathe Easy: Swap out the factory airbox for our meticulously designed, high-performance unit that houses a massive 6-inch K&N pod filter. Experience an unprecedented increase in airflow, allowing your Raptor's engine to breathe easy and reach new heights of power.

Boosted Performance: Feel the surge of power as the Process West Air Intake System optimizes air delivery to your engine. Unleash the full potential of your Ford Raptor, with quicker throttle response, increased horsepower, and a roar that announces your arrival.

Easy Installation: No need for a pit crew – our air intake system is designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind. Effortless installation ensures you spend more time on the road and less time in the garage. Get ready to transform your Raptor with just a few simple steps.

Cool Efficiency: Keep things cool under the hood with our advanced cooling technology. The Process West Air Intake System ensures that your engine operates at optimal temperatures, preventing heat soak and maximizing performance.

Roar to Life: Let your Raptor's true voice be heard! The larger-than-life K&N pod filter not only provides unmatched performance but also delivers a deep, aggressive growl that turns heads wherever you go.

Built Tough: Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our air intake system is built to withstand the toughest terrains. Whether you're conquering off-road challenges or dominating the asphalt jungle, trust Process West to keep your Raptor roaring.

Upgrade your Ford Raptor today with the Process West Air Intake System – because the road is your canvas, and your Raptor is the masterpiece! Unleash the power, feel the thrill, and redefine your driving adventure.

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