Process West

Process West - Ford Focus ST Cold Air Intake



Another significant performance advantage for the Ford Focus ST can be had via modification of the existing airbox assembly. Designed with sound-deadening in mind rather than optimizing power delivery, the Focus ST inlet can generate a substantial power robbing pressure drop under high load conditions, and can marginally restrict power on even totally stock cars.

Once more the Process West approach is thorough in execution with the benefits of a low-restriction K&N pod filter teamed up with a proper cold air divider and internal bell-mouth to give not only the best features of an air-box, but also the best features of a pod arrangement. High volume pipe-work, custom moulded silicone, and the matching clamps all come in the package which is available to order right now, and will work either completely standalone, or in conjunction with the Process West intercooler system. Process West Focus ST Ecoboost performance parts - your pathway to un-matched Ford Turbo performance.

  • Works with Standard or Upgraded Process West intercooler System
  • K&N Pod Filter
  • High Volume Pipe-Work
  • Custom Moulded Silicone

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