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Process West - Ford Falcon Barra BA/BF 4inch Race Air Box Suit Stock Turbo Inlet (3inch)



Our 4in race air box system has been designed for extreme power levels. Utilizing the area normally occupied by the battery we have been able to design the ultimate high horsepower intake.

The airbox uses a massive 6in internal diameter K&N filter which mounts onto a 6 into 4in bell mouth which connects to an internal wire re-enforced molded silicone hose down to the turbo. This combination gives maximum flow for power levels of 500rwkW+.

The airbox can also be used for high mount turbo configurations. The 4in OD airbox outlet is at the approximate height of most high mount turbo compressor inlets so a simple section of pipe is all that is needed to use the air box for high mounts.

For those that have upgraded their turbo to a 4in the inlet (0.7A/R cover), we offer an into 4in‚ silicon hose. (PWBACAI03-hose)

This hose simplifies the installation of larger turbos. The hose can be purchased separately or as part of an initial air box purchase.

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