PPG Gearbox

PPG Gearbox - Nissan GTR,GTS-T 5spd - H/C Dog - Large Spline



One of PPG's most infamous gearsets, this exact product powered Theo Woolett's 8 second R32 GTR to the title of fastest H pattern gearbox powered GTR in the world. Able to withstand over 1000 engine horsepower, this set has endured punishing abuse in all corners of the globe and has an unrivalled reputation as a near bulletproof drivetrain solution for those not wanting to fit a costly sequential gearbox to their GTR, GTST or Z32 300ZX.

A direct fitment product that comes complete with 1-2 and 3-4 billet selector forks and 26-Spline Heavy Duty Input Shaft. This is the set that allowed the GTR to get into the 8's.

PPG manufactures a solid billet mainshaft and billet sandwich plate. These should be used in applications with 650HP or more.

This kit now comes with a new split ring retaining system which replaces some of the OEM Clips which are known to fail and cause issues.

Model and Ratios:

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