PPG Gearbox

PPG Gearbox - Mitsubishi EVO 1-3 5spd (1st-4th) Drag Set - 5th Gear Option 0.792



Used to propel the fastest 4wd 4 cylinder on earth, this PPG product is rated at over 1000hp and far exceeds anything else available in the market for earlier model 4G63 powered FWD and 4WD cars.

Also popular amongst Rally, Circuit and Street builds with its reliability and ease of shifting, this is the ultimate upgrade for increased performance and reliability.

RATIO - PPG 5th Straight Cut Dog Option 0.792 Ratio only

Other Information:

We can supply the full range of PPG Gear Boxes, If it is not listed on our page, please contact us with the spec's you would like at info@tunersedge.com.au

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