PPG Gearbox

PPG Gearbox - B-Series AWD HONDA Gear Set



The long awaited B-Series AWD HONDA Gear Set.

This unique set was design and developed from a clean sheet. Working with our partners Drag Cartel Industries, we enagaged to design the best HONDA B-Series AWD system avalible.

We used our proven tooth and dog ring designs along side implementing our new ultra short shift selector fork system that reduces the distance between each dog ring and therfore reduces time for each gearshift. A key focus for drag racing.

Along with key design aspects we provided billet transfer gears, billet fingers, billet selector forks & brace to give this new gear set the strength and durabilily this platform will require.

PPG AWD B-Series Honda Gear Set (Short Shift) Inculdes-

  • Billet Selector Forks & Fingers
  • 1st-4th Dog Engagement Gears
  • Billet Input Shaft
  • Billet Shaft Brace
  • Billet Transfer Gears
  • Short Shift Dog Engagement
  • Billet Crown Wheel & Pinion - Ratio Options - 4.0 - 4.2

Other Information:

We can supply the full range of PPG Gear Boxes, If it is not listed on our page, please contact us with the spec's you would like at info@tunersedge.com.au

PPG Ratios:

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