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Platinum Racing Products - Mechanical Fuel Pump and Trigger kit 'Nissan TB48'


Add Kinsler Mechanical Fuel Pump?:

TB48 Mechanical fuel pump and trigger kit.

PRP has developed this stunning TB48 Reinforced Billet timing cover which includes provisions for one of our Kinsler mechanical fuel pump and PRP cam trigger kit. This well made kit will now allow you to run with more fuel, better timing efficiency and better timing accuracy. After a long time in development, we are proud to step the TB48 into the hi performance race engine platform with a host of new PRP made TB48 parts.

With years of development behind this product, we are confident in its performance and features. The kit utilises our rubber drive coupling to ensure no harmonics shift back through the camshaft and the pump is secured by a billet upper timing cover with integrated clamp and dual O'ring seals.

The kit is specifically designed for the Kinsler range of small bore fuel pumps and will accommodate both Series 1 and 2 'Tough Pumps'. This setup will support setups ranging from 400hp all the way to 4000hp on Methanol. 

The Camshaft trigger set up incorporates the use of a 'Motorsport grade' MoTeC 90 degree hall effect sensor. All plugs, pins, wiring, braid and 3 pin Deutsch connector set are included to make the installation job seamless. 

A must have for any serious TB48 build!

** Please note: The crank trigger kit is being worked on and we will have a solution in the coming months **

For other amazing PRP TB48 Products, check out our feature video on the Motive Video page below!

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