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RB Electric Water Pump


Titanium Hardware:


The all new Platinum Racing Products RB Electric Water Pump is the coolest off the shelf option to solve your cooling system issues.

At Idle the RB engines are prone to overheating due to not enough coolant being moved around the system. This is caused by high performance harmonic balancers, modified cooling systems, decreased water volume in the block due to grout filling and additional accessories being added causing the water pump to be underdriven.

On the other end of the spectrum you also run into issues where the water pump starts to spin too fast at the top end of your rev range causing cavitation. With most RB engine applications seeing high RPM, along with additional accessories the need for a water pump to keep up is vital. 

We utilised a compact design to insure you enough room for your thermo fan fitment and to tidy up the front of your engine by dismissing a water pump pulley and belt. As always these kits are available in all 12 signature PRP colours and optional titanium hardware is also available.

Although we expect to have a positive updates soon.

UPDATE 21/07/2023
We have a final proof of design in manufacture now (new custom motor) which has been specifically designed to conform with our requirements under load, current draw and working rpm range. 

hardware and impeller design are finalised, we hope to have units ready for formal release and dispatch within 8 weeks. 

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