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Platinum Racing Products - Ford Barra Billet High-Volume + Oil Pump


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Billet Barra High Volume + Oil Pump.

Platinum racing products collaborating with High-speed engineering are happy to offer a new state-of-the-art high-volume oil pump solution set to revolutionize the Ford Barra performance industry with the highest quality of its kind.

The High Volume + pumps have 15% thicker gears and are recommended for anything over and above the factory RPM limit. Improving on the first design these have internally opened up relief ports and bypass more oil when not needed ensuring these pumps are suitable for all Barra engine builds.

* Hi-Grade billet housing

* Sharp internal corners removed to prevent cavitation

* High-grade heat-treated billet steel matched micro-fine polished gear sets.

* High strength billet steel backing plate. *

Available in 2 colours black silver with all others as optional custom colours (may cause a delay)

* Fully 5 axis machined in Australia

* All PRP products come with a lifetime warranty.

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