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Pro Series CAS Bracket 'Nissan RB Twin Cam'


CAS Bracket Color:
Add -20AN Fitting:

PRP Nissan RB Twin Cam Engine Double Pro CAS Bracket With Optional -20AN Head Drain Fitting.

Our latest creation and evolution to our billet Cas bracket for the RB now includes a water fitting option to get water supply through the front of the cylinder heads largest welch plug hole. Ideal for dry block / wet head setups running up to -20AN fittings, but also a viable option for engines in need of more cooling options through the front of the engine. The Double CAS bracket itself has a -16 ORB fitting inbuilt, which then holds in a double O-ring slip collar that seals the head to the PRO Cas bracket, simply screw in a -16 ORB to -12, or -16 AN fitting or choose our Long custom -20AN fitting that does reach past the timing belt and or front cover if you’re running one.

PRP has also taken the liberty to develop a -20 AN rear head drain fitting which is more suited to tube chassis or modified firewall setups for the more serious build.

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