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Race Series' Mechanical Fuel Pump Kit to suit Nissan RB Twin Cam


Mechanical Fuel Pump Size:
Please choose your CAM plate colour:
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Fits the following engines:

  • RB20 / RB25 / RBB25 NEO / RB26
PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to purchase the Mechanical Fuel Pump Kit WITHOUT a trigger kit, then CLICK HERE for our 'custom' Mechanical Fuel Pump kit listing.

With the introduction of Alcohol based fuels, the modern performance vehicle is using much more fuel than it ever was before. Our 'Race Series' Mechanical Fuel Pump kit addresses the need for dependable fuel delivery and accurate timing when increasing power on your Nissan RB twin cam engine.

Rather than add more fuel pumps to address the increased volume of fuel required, PRP has designed this kit to house many of the leading mechanical fuel pumps on the market today including, "Kinsler, Weldon, Waterman, and Enderlie". The fuel pumps are fitted onto a billet alloy bracket that utilizes the cam gear to drive the mechanical fuel pump and the entire kit works seamlessly with the supplied trigger kit and Billet Single CAS bracket with zero interference. 

PRP mechanical fuel pump kits have many benefits such as:

  • Easy installation
  • No wiring needed or expensive bulkheads.
  • Incorporates our 'Custom' Trigger kit.
  • Efficient on your electrical system as they not use electricity at all.
  • Makes no noise compared to their electronic counterparts.
  • Come as a fully integrated kit using our latest Trigger Kit options. 
  • Will not fail when installed correctly and provides easy access for diagnostics.
  • Is a tried and proven system that has been used for DECADES in Indy and Nascar applications.
  • Cost effective, especially when you consider the money saved on fitting and wiring up an electrical fuel pump system.
  • Extremely reliable and have been used in some monster street GTR's making over 2000whp and some tube chassis RB and JZ examples are making close to 3000whp!

  • This bulletproof fuel system comes with our 'Custom Trigger Kit' which uses a world renowned 'Cherry ZF' sensor for the cam signal and a MoteC 'reluctor style' sensor for crank signal to give a power rating of up to 1200whp. This kit is a widely used street / motorsport combo for RB owners that want a versatile fuel and trigger kit system that can be used in competitive motorsport!

    The PRP 'RACE SERIES' Mechanical Fuel Pump Kit includes:

    • PRP Billet Single CAS bracket
    • Billet trigger bracket and trigger sensor mount as an 'all in one unit'.
    • Spider Uni type coupling that absorbs shock, reverberation, and noise prolonging equipment life.
    • Easy to assemble hardware with excellent support, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders with tech, warranty and support.
    • This kit has been designed to incorporate the use of any of the leading pumps on the market including Kinsler, Weldon, Waterman, and Enderlie.
    • 1 piece 36-2 trigger wheel and bottom crank gear assembly.
    • ZF Electronics Hall effect 'cherry' sensor for camshaft signal.
    • Motec 'reluctor style' sensor for crank signal.
    • CNC 5 axis machined Bottom sensor mount.
    • All plugs, pins, gauze, and heat shrink. required. 
    • Teflon shielded twin core wire. 
    • Bolts and general hardware. 
    • Top trigger plate. 
    • Stainless cam plate. 
    • Bolts and hardware Deutsche connector plugs sets, heat shrink, braid. 
    • Custom made silicone injection moulded 90 degree boots (top and bottom)
    • Lifetime warranty on PRP Billet hardware, 1 year on electronics and pumps.

    For more information on the trigger kit included in this package, please click HERE.


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