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Platinum Racing Products - GT-R to Powerglide Transmission Conversion Kit

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GT-R RB Powerglide Conversion Kit / TH400 Bellhousing.

This kit allows you to convert your R32, R33, R34 GT-R to run the world renown Powerglide Transmission. All items are manufactured, cast, machined and splined in Australia!

When designing this kit we have spun the gearbox slightly to allow the front diff driveshaft to clear everything as per factory. When doing this we have also designed a cast sump to give you the adequate oil volume and also included a modified oil pickup to suit. The Powerglide adaptor and bellhousing is to suit the 4wd system perfectly and does not need any modification to any driveshafts or engine mounts in the R32/R33 chassis. R34 vehicles will need 20mm modification of both driveshafts but revised kit will be available soon.

*The cast bellhousing also can be sold separately to suit RB 2WD vehicles and allows fitment of a TH400 or Powerglide gearbox running either an OEM or REID casing.

Kit Contents:

  1. PRP Cast Bellhousing (Suits up to a 13" OD Converter)
  2. PRP Powerglide Adaptor to suit R32/R33/R34 Transfer case 
  3. PRP Heat Treated, splined Dummy shaft to suit Shorty Glide inc hardware
  4. Gear Shifter Block off plate
  5. PRP Cast Sump including Pickup and all hardware/seals
  6. PRP Billet Servo Cover
  7. PRP AN Orb Sump Bung
  8. Syltech Temperature Sensor

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