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Platinum Racing Products - Ford Barra Integrated Main Cap Cradle


Would you like to add one of our recommended Main Stud Kits to your order (all options below support up to 3000hp):

With 15 years of experience developing and testing multiple engine braces to suit different engine models, PRP is proud to release its NEW integrated main cap brace for the Ford Barra engine platform. Our integrated brace provides security and assurance for any level of engine build and it leaves any competitor brace behind by utilizing precision machine work, block specific material and cutting-edge technology to match thermal expansion properties with that of the OEM block, which in turn allows this unit to be used in applications up to a whopping 3000hp!

After years of development, our PRP Integrated main cap cradle is at the top of its game, no more mismatched bolt alignments, no more floating main caps, no more crushed or spun bearings and most importantly... no more hard main caps!

Most Billet Main Caps on the market are manufactured out of 4130- 4140 or tool steel, it's simply way too hard. Harder is not always better, hard singular main caps do not absorb or disperse energy and shock, it bounces it straight back into the crank and con rods, and unless you are running alloy rods, your bearing and rotating assemblies life is going to be significantly diminished.

The benefits of using a PRP integrated main cap brace include:

  • The 'Ultimate' protection against block twist
  • Effective Energy and shock disbursement
  • Secured main cap positioning with no chance of moment
  • Strengthened main caps by utilizing PRP's evolved ductile heat treated casting technology.
  • Direct fit application - (will need tunnel boring to fit including the rear main oil seal insert clearance)
  • Calculated Thermal Expansion properties closely matched to your OEM Grey Cast Iron Block.
  • Surface treated for corrosion tolerance
  • Rated up to 3000hp
  • O-ring aided seal for for superior and serviceable sealing
  • Can run Factory 12mm main cap bolts, however we recommend upgrading to a full main stud kit from our options above in order to utilize peak performance capabilities.
Brace comes with:

2 x O-ring seals
1 x Pan rail bolt kit
1 x Oil pick up spacer flange

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