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Platinum Racing Products - Ford Barra Billet Rocker Cover and Integrated Coil kit


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Note: This product is currently under re-development for a completely new and wild look. ETA 31st July 2023

Ford Barra Platform, our Billet 6061 Cam Cover Kit with integrated coil kit and mechanical fuel pump option. We we have two variants available for purchase which includes:
  • 'Flat front' cam cover with NO provision for mechanical fuel pump drive
  • 'Snouted front' cam cover WITH provision for mechanical fuel pump drive, this includes a fuel pump coupling to suit small bore pumps such as:  Kinsler, Weldon, Waterman.

Our kit is designed to house the ever so popular VR38 coilpacks from the Nissan R35 GTR, having proven themselves to make up to 2600whp, these are our favourite coil and can be found in any of our kits. These cam covers fit ALL BARRA engines from BA to FG, LPG to petrol... this is a one kit solution and features the following:
  • Integrated R35 coil kit, using our custom silicone injected stalk design.
  • Full length and high volume baffling.
  • Cam driven Mechanical fuel pump option supporting from 500hp to 4000hp applications.
  • Twin -12 ORB port catch can breathers.
  • Complete billet valley cover.
  • OEM gasket seal.
  • Sleek low lying -12 low oil filler cap.
  • Custom logos and engraving available.
  • Available in the whole PRP 12 colour range.
  • FREE Upgrade to Splitfire Direct Ignition Coilpacks


CRITICAL INFORMATION: If you would like your valley cover to be a different colour to the cam cover, please specify the colour in the NOTES AREA, which can be found in the CART SECTION after adding this item to cart.

Valley cover colours to choose from include: Black / Gold / Silver / Bronze / Cardo Zinc / Grey / Purple / Red / Blue / Green / Orange / Teal.

This listing does not include a Kinsler fuel pump or billet oil cap but are available for purchase below:

Billet Oil Cap - Click Here

Kinsler Fuel Pump - Click Here

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