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Power House Racing - V3 CNC Dual Walbro Fuel Pump Hanger for S14, S15, R33, R34 - PHR 02061208

SKU: PHR 02061208


PHR V3 CNC Dual Walbro Fuel Pump Hanger for S14, S15, R33, R34 - PHR 02061208


Solve your fuel delivery woes with our new and improved V3 hanger for a Nissan S14, S15, R33, R34! In past versions we provided you with a only fuel bulkhead, you needed to solve your in tank pump bracketry. This is now a complete solution, including bracketry for your pumps and fuel level sender leaving you with a hassle free install.

Compatible with Walbro 255, Walbro 450, Walbro 525 or equivalent pumps. 

This triple pump hanger features:
CNC machined 6061 aluminum construction
Exact fit to the OEM tank
All applicable hardware
Proprietary sealed circular connectors potted with E85-safe epoxy
All PHR Hangers use Mil-Spec M22759/16 Tefzel wire.
Pumps can be triggered individually in staged sequence (and should be).
Anodized black! This will ensure our hangers can be used permanently in alcohol / methanol / E85 fuels with no concerns of long term corrosion.
Nylon Hoses, fully compatible with any fuel type.

integrated jet pump design makes sure you still maintain full-capacity usage of your saddle-style gas tank.

Bulkhead wiring is provided not only for pump power but also your fuel level sender. So you maintain all OEM functionality to your dash gauges. 

For a preview of the step-by-step instruction on installing this setup please click here.

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