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Power House Racing - Radiator Overflow for 1993-1998 Supra (RAW) - PHR 01010621.R

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PHR - Radiator Overflow for 1993-1998 Supra (RAW) - PHR 01010621.R

Finally an overflow you can be happy to have in your engine bay! The PHR Radiator Overflow for the MKIV Supra tucks in close the the headlight, making room for 4" intercooler piping or a full size battery to fit up front (PHR will soon be offering a battery tray to fit a group size 26 battery, stay tuned). No more tucking ugly plastic overflows and pretending it's not an eyesore. The PHR overflow features a CNC Formed aluminum tank body with a billet cap.

Installation notes:

Hose from radiator should attach to the bottom port on the overflow tank. The top port can just vent or can have a spillover hose run underneath the vehicle. If running hose please do not let the spillover drain in front of the tires.

The PHR Radiator Overflow is not designed for use with a OEM size (Group 24) battery or the OEM battery tray. The PHR Radiator Overflow is perfectly paired with our (soon to be released) PHR Billet Battery Tray or PHR Battery Relocation Kit. If you would like to retain a OEM size battery, you will need a new battery tray.

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