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Power House Racing - Billet Adjustable Locking Cam Gear for 1JZ/2JZ (Machined Finish) - PHR 01011048.M

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PHR - Billet Adjustable Locking Cam Gear for 1JZ/2JZ (Machined Finish) - PHR 01011048.M

Price is per gear.

PHR is proud to introduce our new Billet Cam Gears for the 2JZ and 1JZ engine familes.

Adjustable cam gears are important for dialing in opening and closing events on camshafts as well as lobe centerline. You camshaft was designed to target these specific events and you need an adjustable cam gear to adjust them as close to your specifications and requirements as possible.

Beyond that, you may be able to find additional horsepower or tweak your power curve to your specific needs by adjusting the valve timing with these gears.

PHR Cam Gears also offer an engine dress aspect that looks amazing in your engine bay and pairs perfectly with PHR's accessory pulley kits.

PHR's Cam gears are cut from 6061 billet aluminum. The outer gear is hard anodized black to take any abuse that will be given them. All hardware is stainless steel and will never tarnish or rust.

VVT-i model engines will require only one gear, as the intake gear cannot be replaced for VVT-i to remain operable.

The Powerhouse Racing Billet Adjustable Locking Cam Gears are the only gears in the world for the 2JZ that offer a way of locking the gear and absolutely eliminating any chance of slip. See our video below. The PHR Gear comes with the 0 position lock which will be the most widely used postion. For those wanting to adjust their cam timing the PHR adjusting kit is available. This kit allows adjustment from 1 degree to 9 degrees positive or negative and assures that your gear CANNOT SLIP FROM ITS ADJUSTED POSTION.


Depending on camshaft manufacturer, it is necessary to replace the bolts on your back plate to button head bolts to keep cam gear from rubbing the factory hardware. Please check rotation of the gear prior to installation and replace hardware if necessary.

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