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OptiTorque Technologies - Nissan RB26/30 Head Stud Kit Torque Master 1/2"

SKU: OTT-10397


Optitorque Technologies USA made head stud kit Nissan RB30/26 1/2″ 240,000-260,000psi

Optitorque Nissan RB30/26 head stud kit Torque Master 1/2″ OTT-10397

Optitorque Technologies are a USA based fastener manufacturer. Our RB30/26 head studs are rated at an amazing 240,000-260,000psi ultimate tensile strength. Kits include 12 point nuts and washers for Nissan RB30 with RB26 twin cam head.

To gain that extra edge, you need to be able to push components to their limits. With OptiTorque, you’ll gain the advantage of strength, reliability, structural integrity, and performance. So go ahead…fire it up with full confidence. We’ve got you covered.

Newsflash!!! Team TRP Nissan broke into the 5-sec zone in their Nissan 350z at the recent Grudge Kings @ Sydney Dragway in August 2022. Domenic Rigoli uses Optitorque head studs to harness the massive cylinder pressures in his RB powered ride. Racemax have a fast growing range of engine fasteners for several popular platforms such as Nissan RB, SR20, Barra and LS.

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