Optima Yellow Top Dual Purpose Battery D34

Battery Brackey:

The iconic Optima YELLOWTOP range is perfect for the driver looking for the best of both worlds from their battery. Semi-cycling capabilities means that this power source is suitable for use as your primary cranking option, but is fantastic for install in vehicles with power-hungry accessories onboard as well. Constructed from absorbed glass matting wound into signature SPIRALCELLS, this unit is able to provide more efficient power delivery and an extended lifespan over standard lead-acid models. This unit is virtually spill-proof meaning that not only is it maintenance-free to avoid pesky servicing, but it is also able to be mounted on angles for those tricky fitment situations. With a 36 month warranty for peace of mind, if you need a replacement or upgrade for your current battery you've found it.

The Optima D34 is suitable for use in small engined Asian-built and other imported 4WD vehicles with power-hungry electronics. With 750CCA and 55AH of power onboard, don't let anything stop you with this unit on your side.

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