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Platinum Racing Products - Nissan RB 4WD Dry Sump Pan

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Platinum Racing Products is excited to announce the launch of our integrated RB 4WD Dry Sump system. We have embarked on this ambitious project to design, develop a one-piece billet dry sump with integrated oil pump. This breakthrough technology will significantly transform the performance engine industry.

Our dry sump system offers several advantages over traditional wet sump systems, including improved engine lubrication and the critical ability to control air contamination within the oil. Our compact one-piece billet alloy pan construction with self-contained oil channels eliminates the need for external oil lines, thereby reducing the potential for points of failure, enhancing aesthetics, lowering costs, and allowing for modular and removable differential assembly from within the car, making trackside gear changes and maintenance a breeze without the removal of the engine.

To ensure optimal oil supply and flow within the system, we utilized advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations, and consulted with industry leaders in the field. Through this partnership, we have incorporated a 5-stage big body pump and air separator designed by Dailey Engineering, a company renowned for their exceptional engineering prowess. The pump fits neatly before the diff, without any spare room to run a pump, and we have added provision for a mechanical fuel pump on the opposite side just below and forward of the air conditioning compressor. We are confident that our years of R&D have culminated in a custom PRP-designed setup that will exceed your expectations.

Not only have we gone above and beyond with product design and manufacturing, but we have also made the listing a one-stop-shop, so you can purchase everything we recommend in one simple listing. At Platinum Racing Products, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and products, and we are confident that our RB 4WD Dry Sump system is the best solution for our valued customers.

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