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Motive Video

Motive Video - R32 Ducted Headlight


Perfect for modified Skylines as the vent allows cold air into the engine bay and feeds straight to the pod filter. Highly beneficial for performance in such a tight engine bay that suffers from heat soak. Unlike other vented headlight ducts, it has a working head light that plugs straight into the factory headlight plug. Please note there is no park light or high beam, just a headlight.

The brackets provided allow some adjustment to make it sit how you want. We offer a fibreglass and carbon fibre version.

*Please note the headlights are made in batches and we don't always have stock on shelf ( contact us if you would like to know before ordering). If they are not in stock, they can take up to 6-8 weeks depending on where in the production cycle they are at, If they are in stock, the order will be processed immediately.

***Please note, these headlights are not legally tested or authorised for road use by any governing bodies. For racing use only.


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