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Microtech - Can hub




The MicroTech CAN hub is used to easily connect any MicroTech sensor module into the MicroTech CAN data system.

All MicroTech CAN modules, such as our; EGT boxes, LSU 4.9 wideband, Input-8 and LTC dash, are connected into the CAN data system with a direct ‚plug and play‚ connection into the CAN hub . The sensor data from each individual module, is then transmitted from the CAN hub to the MicroTech ECU and LTC dash.

The MicroTech CAN Hub has a total of 8 ports.

Please Note: For the older style LTC 3.5, dash with the ethernet socket only in the back of the unit (without GPS & CAN inputs) you will need to purchase the older style CAN hub with 6 Universal ports (for connecting the various CAN sensor modules) and 2x ethernet style ports (for connecting the GPS receiver and LTC Dash).

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