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Microtech - 7, Pro Dash Logger


$1,480 $1,595

With many of our favourite 5‚ Pro Dash Logger features and more, our 7‚ Pro Dash Logger has become a must have for many of our customers!

Features include:

  • 32 channel high speed on board data logging via CAN connection to ECU
  • Road speed display via GPS (GPS receiver included)
  • Inbuilt  mile ET & MPH drag timer via GPS
  • Inbuilt circuit race lap timer via GPS
  • Turn signal indicator lights
  • Fuel level display
  • Lights & high beam indicators
  • Billet aluminium case
  • Built in 3 Axis G-meter
  • Odometer
  • 4x user programmable display screens to monitor the data of your choice via the touch screen or remote push button
  • Compatible with all MicroTech series ECU via CAN connection
  • ADR compliant for road use in Australia
  • Touch screen full colour 7‚ anti-glare display
  • Real time display of all engine parameters
  • User adjustable bright LED shift lights
  • User adjustable engine warning lights & min/max limits for each sensor
  • Inbuilt user adjustable audible warning buzzer
  • Setting of all limits & functions via the touchscreen or laptop connection
  • High speed USB port for fast data downloads direct to laptop
  • Selectable CAN input for use with ECU such as; MoTec, Link, Haltech & OBD2
  • Can be used as a standalone data logger
  • Expandable for use with MicroTech CAN add on devices, such as; EGT module pro boost controller, input 8 add on sensor module, LSU 4.9 & methanol wideband module
  • Dimensions are; 177mm width, 124mm height, and 23mm depth

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