Microtech - EGT 4 Module



When tuning a programmable ECU, or in a race application; where an engine is being pushed close to its limit, the ability to monitor and log each individual cylinders exhaust gas temperature (EGT), becomes an extremely important tuning tool.

By keeping a close eye on your EGT, potential problems can be diagnosed and rectified before they lead to expensive engine damage or failure.

The EGT-4 connects to the MicroTech LTC Dash via the MicroTech CAN system and has 4x inputs for K-type thermocouples, with an operating range from 0-1200 degrees Celsius.

A maximum EGT limit can also be set in the MicroTech ‚Engine Protection Mode‚ function on the LT-10c or LT-16c, which will rev limit the engine, in the event any cylinder runs hotter than it should.

The EGT-4 module has 2 different outputs, which transmit the exhaust gas temperature data to various MicroTech devices. These outputs are:

  • CAN output: For connection to the MicroTech LTC dash via the MicroTech CAN hub.
  • Serial port output: For connection to the MicroTech Handset.

Please Note: The EGT-4 module connects to the LTC Dash through the MicroTech CAN hub. The CAN hub must be purchased separately

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