Lock and Load Transport

Lock and Load Transport - E-Track Kit With 25mm Retractable Ratchet- Designed For Lowered Cars - RW22



This kit has been designed and developed to suit lowered vehicles & includes a heavy duty set of retractable ratchets

The kit features the following:

  • Retractable ratchets: 25mm x 3.65m rated to 340kg lashing capacity,
  • 6x E-track sections
  • 2x 50mm x 3.65mm straps with ratchets, E-clip fittings & 2 x idlers. The straps have rubber pads to protect your tyres and reflective stitching for night use.  We have strengthened the kit by adding a heavy duty twin idler system to attach to the E-Track plate. Total Lashing Capacity 2000kg.

Fastening kits are not included. However, we use grade 8.8 high tensile bolts with nylock nuts or spring washers- and the length of the bolt is determined by the trailer floor plate thickness.

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