The all new Autosport International Award Winning Lithiumax RACE16V+ Bluetooth App monitoring battery with native 16V designed specifically for drag racing applications. Weighing just 3.6kg the NEW RACE16V+ Series 800CA Lithiumax LiFePO4 Car Battery with ADVANCED Patented Battery Management System (1000A pulse discharge for 3 seconds). Available as either a Right side +ve or Left side +ve terminal orientation to best suit your build. Market leading 55Ah PbEq lead-acid/AGM/GEL equivalent capacity (20Ah Lithium Nominal). RC rating of 100mins at 25 degC – suits 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 cylinder engine cars, 4WD, bikes and boats up to 6.5L displacement. Replaces your 16v Lead-Acid or AGM/GEL battery at only 20% of the weight and charges using your vehicle, boat, powersports, light aircraft or motorcycle’s 16V alternator/generator up to 200A or up to 100A using a stand alone 16V AC/DC or DC/DC charger.

Specifications: RACE16V+ 800CA Lithium LiFePO4 Car/Bike/Boat & Aircraft Starter Battery – 1000A pulse discharge (3 secs) – 55Ah EqPb lead-acid/AGM/GEL equivalent (20Ah Lithium Nominal). RC rating of 100 mins at 25 degC. Battery Monitoring BMS System. In-built Bluetooth App battery monitoring module.

Dimensions: (H)175 x (W)165 x (D)125mm

Weight: 3.6kg

Battery operating temperature: -20degC to 85degC

SAE terminal posts also available. Please see 6mm (M6) SAE terminal posts in accessories.

Aluminium mounting brackets as well as OEM fitting kits also available

All RACE16V+ Lithiumax batteries carry a 2 year warranty.

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