HP Diesel - Hyundi ILoad Van 2008 - Current 2.5 LTR



Protect your investment fit HPD oil separator kit.

HPD Australian-made billet CNC machined oil catch can / oil air separators have been designed to reduce the amount of oil from the engine's crankcase breather entering the intake system.

The issue is with the oil entering the intake system on modern diesel engines fitted with EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) where the exhaust gas valve is commanded by the ECM (engine control module) to open and allow exhaust gasses back into the inlet mixing with the oil that been left as a film inside the inlet manifold, thus this process just keeps on repeating itself, causing the issue of the manifold being blocked or clogged reducing the airflow to the engine cylinders, resulting in lack of performance, black smoke, engine wear, and even engine failure.

HPD oil catch can / oil separators come in universal and complete kits with all required stainless steel laser-cut bracketry, correct size hose tail fitting, washable internal stainless mesh filters, cut to size oil resistant hosing, bolts, nuts, washer, spring clamps, and installation instructions for each vehicle.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces oil in the intake system
  • Allows intercooler to work efficiently
  • Eliminates carbon & oil build up in inlet manifold
  • Keeps inlet ports and valves clean
  • Reduces engine wear
  • Reduces exhaust smoke
  • Maintains economy
  • Keeps air and map sensors clean
  • Maintains engine performance

Kit features:

  • Billet Aluminum Catch can
  • Internal stainless mesh filters
  • Dipstick to check the oil level
  • Simply unscrew the base to empty the oil
  • 16mm Screw-in hose fittings
  • Mounting brackets & hoses

Please note: The side of the engine cover will need to be trimmed a small amount to allow for the catch can and bracket. In this setup is there is only a small amount of room in the engine bay, the catch can be placed high in the engine bay and as a result, the dipstick is not easily removable. however, the bowl of the catch can is easily removed with 3 twists and the oil level checked and emptied in seconds.

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