HP Junkie

HorsePower Junkie - Ford Barra High Volume Billet Oil Pump

Relief pressure spring options:
Would you like the timing chain pivot stud 4340:

HorsePower Junkie Billet Oil Pump

Along with both HP_398 billet gears and HP_414 billet, the thrust plate is the Ultimate in oil delivery for your peace of mind. Complete billet 7075 housing brand new not a recycled pump. Topped off with adjustable pressure relief. The whole assembly is weighed, balanced, checked, blueprinted, and delivered ready to bolt on hassle-free.  

  • Kit contains oil pump to block o'ring
  • 4 x 12.9 Cap Screws pump to Block 
  • Adjustable pressure relief 
  • High Flow Billet pump gears lapped set Hp_398
  • 7075 Billet backplate Hp_414 with 12.9 countersunk cap screws 
  • The pump has been redesigned for high volume & high pressure 
  • Equal pressure/relief distribution on the intake side

Hp_junkie full billet oil pumps are machined on a 5 axis Mazak CNC.

We were so confident of our product this pump's very first test was pushed to 10,000 rpm and close to 1800hp without failure.

I have had customers removing their single-stage sump setups to run these.

They work !!

The pump housing itself is full billet construction, internal housing oil track dimensions have been redesigned for maximum flow. While minimizing idle oil pressure issues! The gear-set is not standard it's a high flowed (oversized gear-set).

The pump fittings are billet, Gears are billet, Thrust plate is billet, and Oil relief.  The Oil relief is adjustable from 60-95 psi or with our Inconel spring 110-160 psi

You will receive a complete race pump, fully assembled to match your selected oil pressure requirements. Each pump is supplied with fasteners and gaskets (o'ring). The pump is shipped with an instruction sheet.

*** Note oil pressure may vary from requested set as oil clearances differ from engine to engine 

*** HPJ components sold should only be fitted by a qualified engine builder/mechanic with skill and engine experience. 

*** These pumps will not split like the OEM billet housing redesigned and the gears will not crack as they are full billet. 

*** Please allow up to 3 working days for assembly as each pump is hand-assembled and clearance
*** Timing chain pivot Guide will require clearancing as the housing is larger.

HP_1000+ is the "original" high flow barra oil pump

By the best! And protect your bearings!

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