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  • The thermostat is a temperature control valve assembly used in the vehicle cooling system. Located in a housing usually at the front of the vehicle engine; the thermostat allows circulation of coolant through the radiator once the predetermined engine temperature is achieved.
  • There are various styles of thermostats available including conventional, by-pass, thermostat housing assemblies, High Flow and inserts used in conjunction with original housing.
  • Thermostats bearing the High Flow logo are Tridon High Flow thermostats. Tridons range of High Flow thermostats are designed to improve cooling system performance. The High Flow thermostat has a larger valve allowing up to 50% more coolant flow, eliminating the need to use a cooler temperature thermostat.
  • Tridon High Flow Thermostats are designed to upgrade the vehicles standard thermostat.
  • The thermostat must be compatible with the vehicle cooling system; the Tridon thermostat range has been carefully researched and engineered to suit each specific application.
  • Please refer to the Tridon Part Finder for the correct thermostat for your application.
  • Opening Temp: 91°C
  • Flange Dia: 54mm
  • Foot Dia: 27.7mm
  • Height: 35mm
  • Bypass style thermostat with jiggle pin.
  • High flow version of TT228 series

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