HP Junkie

HorsePower Junkie - Ford Barra BA-FG DOHC STAGE 2 Short Engine 650rwks Ford XR6 Barra 4 litre Turbo

Block options:

STAGE 2 Short Engine 650rwks Ford XR6 Barra 4 liter Turbo

• Race Prepared block completely blueprinted, the block is inspected / manga   fluxed / parametric thickness testing    

• Block is squared & tunnels honed    

• Block torque plate machined   

• Block is machined for MLS head gasket    

• Precision balanced crankshaft and assembly   

• HorsePower Junkie Cast Iron Crankshaft clearance and micro-polished / Heat-treated    

• CP forged pistons 2816 and rings with 0.210" Pins    

• Budget H beam connecting rods 4340 w/ 7/16 rod bolts rated to 200hp per cylinder

• ACL Race series bearings W/360-degree thrust 

• Fitted with ARP main studs    

• HorsePower Junkie   6mm Stud Girdle    

• HorsePower Junkie   Billet Oil Pump gears / Thrust plate and adjustable inconel spring    

• Assembled and Prepared as a street or drag version per application   

Includes painting and welsh plugs    

Note with the use of a   cast crank the rpm must be limited to 7200rpm and maximum of 28psi   

Allow 3-6weeks for building of the block and shipping

Sump hi volume with internal gates can be supplied at a discount with this package $800.00 or $550.00 changeover. Note you will receive the block fully assembled strapped to a pallet minus aux (interstate)    

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