HP Junkie

HorsePower Junkie - Ford Barra BA-FG DOHC STAGE 1 Head Package 550 rwks

The spec of the head:
What type of valves would you like:
Supply of head:

STAGE 1  Head Package 550 RWKS 

  • Your supplied core will be Stripped acid tanked and inspected 
  • The seat will be cut using a Serdi multi-angle tool for the best flow 
  • The ports will be cleaned throated and seats blended  
  • The head will be milled squared to support MLS surface finish 
  • The head will be assembled with stock valves collects and retainers
  • We will supply springs rated to 30PSI boost  

 NOTE  You will be required to supply your core or a $550.00 core fee will be charged.  

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