Frenchy's Performance Garage

Frenchy's Performance Garage - Power Steering Reservoir and Bracket Nissan Skyline R Chassis FPG-099

SKU: FPG-099

Bracket Option:

Plastic power steering reservoir and cnc cut aluminium bracket, makes relocation a breeze and has multiple benefits:

-Less prone to heat soak

-Filter /screen on the return port to trap any debris and reduce foaming/spraying

-Built-in vent inside the cap

Barb sizes are 16mm and 10mm.

Bracket options are: 

-R32 OEM position, charcoal canister position or behind LHS headlight

-R33/34 OEM position, charcoal canister position or behind LHS headlight

-Universal (holds reservoir and has 4x 6mm holes to mount it)

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