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Extreme Turbo Systems - Mitsubishi Evolution 10 Intercooler Upgrade

SKU: ETS100-10-IC-001NS

$1,375 $1,395

ETS (Extreme Turbo Systems) Intercooler Upgrade for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (CZ4A).

The obvious tie-in between the UICP and LICP is the ETS EVO X Intercooler. Making certain to hold this unit to the standard of our EVO VIII/IX intercoolers, this unit is a tour de force in efficiency, distribution, and flow. 

The factory inlet and out locations allow for the inlet and outlet to be at diagonally opposing corners of the core.

This provides the best possible airflow distribution through the core's height making sure that all charge rows are used effectively.

The AutoCAD drawn end tanks are as smooth as on our previous EVO intercooler with aluminum metal forming that looks more like artwork than end tank. 

Between the tanks is any one of our sizing options with 3", 3.5", or 4" intercoolers as BOLT-ON designs behind the factory crash beam and above the factory undertray.

The intercooler is available separately or in a complete kit with UICP and LICP included and black anodizing, ETS stenciled logo, polishing, and other options are all available!


  • Pressure checked at 35psi.
  • Bolt-on design to retain crash beam.
  • Fills the entire grill with the core.
  • Stainless steel t-bolt clamps.
  • 4-ply couplers.
  • Includes all mounting hardware.


  • 20x12x3.0 Bar & Plate Core - 700hp Direct Replacement 
  • 20x12x3.5 Bar & Plate Core - 750hp Direct Replacement
  • 20x12x4.0 Bar & Plate Core - 820hp Direct Replacement


  • Intercooler Only fits GSR and MR.  
  • It will also fit the Ralliart with an upgraded Evo X Upper Pipe.
  • This is the same intercooler ETS run on their record-setting 8-second pass.
ETS Logo On the Front:
Intercooler Thickness Size of The Core:

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