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Platinum Racing Products - Mitsubishi 4G63 Evo 4 - 9 CAM Sensor Relocation Kit


What colour would you like the bracket to be:
Camshaft Option:

This new product is designed and manufactured to move the cam sensor 180 degrees out of the way from the heat of the exhaust manifold and to provide a cleaner wiring route, helping to protect wiring and shielding from exposure. Direct bolt-on item with no modifications needed, simply rotate the factory trigger 180 degrees and refit. We now have a few options available. If you are unsure of which kit you're needing please reach out!

1. Mivec (intake side)
(Can be used for mech fuel upgrade also)

2. Non mivec (exhaust side) with 1 mounting points
(Can NOT be used with Mech Fuel Upgrade)
(Can be used in conjunction with mivec head and intake relocation)

The kit comes with 2 x O-ring seals- one for the cap and one on the housing to the head so no oil leaks are encountered. The proven dual O-ring design eliminates water ingress without messy sealants or unsightly gaskets.

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