DTS, Diesel & Turbo Systems

DTS, Diesel & Turbo Systems - DTS Turbo Kit Suits Toyota Land Cruiser 75 Series 4.2L 1HZ


Toyota Landcruiser - 1HZ 4.2L Diesel 75/78/79 Series

The DTS Turbocharger System increases power output of the 1HZ 4.2L engine from 95kW to 136kW giving an increase of 43%. Torque is up from 260Nm to 375Nm providing an increase of 45%. Adding the DTS Intercooler kit will increase power and reliability further to 153kW and 430Nm of Torque.

  • Mitsubishi TDO5 Turbocharger, liquid cooled
  • Ductile high quality cast iron exhaust manifold
  • Powder coated high flow cast alloy and moulded rubber air ducting
  • Braided stainless steel oil and coolant lines
  • Designed to fit with all OEM accessories
  • Simple connection to standard exhaust system
  • Engineered for the least amount of fitting time

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