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Dalta Autosports - Race Series Billet Offset Control blades for use with BA cradles in FG/FGX XR6 XR8 falcons

  • Race Series Billet Offset Control blades for use with BA cradles in XR6 XR8 FG falcons.

    Introducing our latest product offering Race Series Billet Offset Control blades for use with BA cradles in FG falcons, tailor-made to keep up with the ever-increasing speed demands and evolving component requirements of the big power Ford falcons.

    Many customers have discovered the superior strength and significantly reduced flex of BA cradles compared to F series cradles. That’s why we have designed a solution specifically for when a BA IRS cradle is fitted into FG and FGX falcons. Please note that these products are exclusively compatible with BA cradles into FG falcons and cannot be used with any other combinations.

    The installation of a BA cradle into an FG cradle brings about a complete change in geometry, particularly affecting the positioning of the rear stub axle on each side. This poses challenges for the stamped control blades, which require bending to connect to the stub axle and the chassis.

    But worry not! We have successfully addressed this issue by precisely correcting the geometry and relocating the stub axle and control blades to their original and proper positions.

    With their increased thickness and reinforcement, these can handle extreme horsepower levels of 1500 and beyond AND a much wider tyre. With our Billet Offset Control Blades, you’ll have a stable and predictable suspension system that won’t flex or move under load. This means you can launch harder, and with more confidence, getting you to the finish line faster.


    • Designed to easily fit 15″ rear tires to FG-FGX falcons
    • Anodized for corrosion resistance and protection
    • Machined from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum
    • Helps eliminate axle tramp
    • Helps eliminate axle hop
    • Deflection in the arm eliminated
    • Corrects geometry of rear suspension maintained no matter the power level
    • Accepts all OEM and aftermarket bushes.

    Who wouldn’t appreciate a broader tire on their vehicle?

    Produced locally in our Australian factory and accompanied by a lifetime guarantee that covers all imperfections. In the event of any breakages, we will provide a replacement.

    Be sure to also check us out on Facebook to see our newest product releases. We are continually adding new components to enhance the performance of your ford falcon.

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