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Dalta Autosports

Dalta Autosports - Ford Falcon IRS billet braces (Suits Ford Falcon BA/BF/FG/FGX)

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Dalta Autosports Ford Falcon Billet adjustable Falcon IRS braces

These have been designed to eliminate the IRS cradle in all falcons from moving and twisting under load. We have observed some high HP falcon especially with slicks shifting the cradle 10mm with the factory braces. The factory braces were not designed to handle the loads and forces applied to them by todays high power falcons.
Our billet braces lock the cradle in its intended positing maintains correct rear geometry allowing the suspension for do what it’s was designed to do.
Our braces are also adjustable allowing you to position the cradle where you want it to point. Then simply lock it down and your set.
Will fit all BA BF FG and FGX falcon. Easy bolt in.

Available in Black or Gold.

Available in the following colors:



  • Anodized for corrosion resistance and protection
  • Spacers are 8.8 high tensile steel
  • Machined from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum
  • Correct geometry of rear suspension maintained no matter the power level
  • Available in black or gold anodizing

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