Clear View Filtration

Clear View Filtration - Filter 115-micron Filter Element

SKU: BC115-115


Clear View 6″ Filter 115-micron Filter Element BC115-115

  • Part Number: 115-115
  • Filter Element Material: Stainless Steel
  • Filter Element Seal Material: Viton®
  • Smallest Particle Filtered: 115 Micron
  • Quantity: Sold Individually
  • Notes: Can be used with Clear view 6” Filters another brands of 6” flat screen style of filters.

The 6″ Replacement 115 Micron Filter Element is used when running up to 70 weight engine oils and for Screw-On Filter assemblies. Filter Elements are made with a 115 Micron stainless steel mesh that can easily be cleaned and reused. Clean with solvent or brake clean. The filter elements have a Viton® rubber seal formed around the inside and the outside of the filter element. These seals will ware out over time and a lot of use. Should always carry an extra element when running a See Through Filter just in case it needs replacing. These Filter Elements fit Clear view 6” See Through Filters and other brands of 6” flat screen filters.

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