Clear View Filtration

Clear View Filtration - Clear View 4″ Screw-On Oil Filter Assembly

SKU: BC400-115


Clear View 4″ Screw-On Oil Filter Assembly BC400-115 with -12 Ports & 115 Micron Element, Clear Anodised

These 4” Screw-On Filters were designed to use a System 1 or disposable filter on the bottom. This is the same filter assembly as part # 400-115 except that filter has a receiver groove in the bottom which help prevents the disposable filter seal from blowing out. Part # 405-115 has a flat sealing surface on the bottom so a System 1 O-Ring seal can seal correctly. Early finned style and System 1 filters which use 2 O-Rings can only use the outside O-Ring to seal. The inside one cannot be used. Recommend using the Billet Pro Series System 1 which uses a single larger O-Ring seal. Also needs System 1 Chevy threaded bushing when using a System 1.

  • Smallest Particles Filtered: depends on the disposable filter microns, varies on brand
  • Recommended Disposable Filter for CV400-115: (not included) K&N # HP-2003 or # HP-3002 or WIX #51069 or # 51060 Blackout Series can use Napa Gold filters
  • Disposable Filter Thread Size: 13/16” – 16 TPI
  • Bypass Relief Valve: Yes
  • Inlet & Outlet Fitting: #12 O-Ring Boss – 1-1/16” – 12 TPI
  • Operating Temp: max 220 degrees Fahrenheit• Operating Pressure: max 150 PSI
  • Height (without disposable filter): 3.00 in.
  • Width: 5.00 in.
  • Length: 6.00 in.
  • Filter Weight: 3.40 pounds (1.55 kg)

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