Callies Performance Products

Callies Performance Products - RB Crank

SKU: S25006

Crank Option:


Standard Features

  • Available in standard and full counterweight
  • Average weight: 42 Ibs standard, 57 lbs full counterweight
  • 4340 steel certified by callies in house metallurgical lab
  • Rod and main journal surface finish is refined to 5Ra or less
  • Tear drop oil hole lead-ins
  • Straight shot oiling
  • No drill internal balance

Full Counterweight Sizing

           Stroke                           Main                            Pin

  • 73.7MM (2.6)                54.9MM                      47.9MM
  • 77.7MM (2.8)                54.9MM                      47.9MM
  • 90.0MM (3.2)               54.9MM                      49.9MM

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