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Bullet - Race Engineering Nissan RB30X Block Only

SKU: RB30X-1


The Bullet Billet RB30 Drag Extreme (RBx) has been designed to suit Nissan Drag Racing applications capable of producing in excess of 3000hp.

This block removes the limitation imposed by the stock RB crankshaft, with a custom Callies Ultra Billet crank that utilises the larger main bearing size of the Toyota 2JZ. This enables Nissan racers to compete on a level playing field with the Toyota. This product has vastly improved block rigidity and improved deck thickness over the stock unit. Combined with ARP 2000 series ½” head studs this product delivers exceptional head sealing qualities.

Distortion of cylinder bores and crank tunnel is dramatically reduced through design improvements and a Bullet 4 bolt main cradle system. This product offers new potential for drag racers utilising the Nissan platform.

Other Information:

This is for a Dry Sump set up Only, This block is only available in solid, drag-only configuration.

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