Turbosmart - BOV Controller Big Bubba Sonic Sleeper Kit

SKU: TS-0304-1009

$799.96 $879.95

The Turbosmart BOV controller kit – Bubba Sonic (Black) is an essential piece of equipment to ensure your engine is running with optimal performance. It works by detecting a negative voltage change in throttle position and energising a solenoid to vent out all the air from the BOV cap, inducing pressure differential between the piston and the cap. This helps prevent compressor surges coming off the throttle, which can be a restriction on the outlet of the turbocharger. The Turbosmart controller gives you full control over how much boost pressure you want at any given moment and can even save fuel as it reduces unnecessary wastegate actuation. With its adjustable solenoid duty cycle response time, this Turbosmart BOV Controller Kit – Bubba Sonic (Black) is sure to give you the best performance possible. Make sure to get yours today!

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